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    For Charlie Kindel: 


    Who is the target market for WinMo7?  Are you trying to appeal to the mobile gamers?  Enterprise-connected users?  General consumers?  Seems to me that a great many developer issues start with this question.  If you say you are trying to appeal to everyone, then I know it is a doomed effort.  Nothing appeals to everyone.  If you are looking to follow Google, direct selling of phones to consumers ought to drive a bit of market share gain.  The carriers are a big roadblock when it comes to which phones make it to the US market....any market for that matter. 


    Personally, it want my phone to be an extension of my desktop.  The games are a bonus and not the motivation for deciding on the model.  I want VPN access via WiFi and 3G data.  I want multi-tasking.  I want an easy way to switch between running apps.  I want to have my own skin.  I do not like the Zune interface.  Others do.  Be different.  Let the customer choose the skin and publish the APIs to the underlying services so that all the functions are exposed but the look and feel is of the customer's choosing.  If I want my desktop to be widget-based, I should have that option.  If SPG looks better, I can use their GUI. 


    I do not want tweets in my mailbox but I do want all my different mailboxes to be consolidated with the ability to respond via the source system.  Think of it as "pipes"  Some I want to be viewed uniquely.  Others I want merged.  Let the consumer decide how they want the pipes combined.  Today, there are way too many people deciding what everyone "should have".  Do not join that crowd!  Embrace choice and accept the challenge it presents.  That positioning will make WinMo7 different and help you regain lots of lost market share.