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    For Charlie Kindel (I hope it isn't too long):


    Windows Mobile, from its beginnings as the Palm-top PC (anyone remember the Philips Nino?), has had native C/C++ code as its first-class development language, it has allowed games like Doom and Quake to be ported to the platform easily, and of course allows for maximum performance, which is important on low-power devices. If I understand the 'leaked' information regarding development correctly am I right in believing ISVs will be limited to managed code development with WPF and Silverlight, and that only the OEMs/IHVs will have access to the underlying native Windows CE APIs?


    Whilst I recognise the advantages managed/CLR programs have for the platform, and especially the marketplace (see footnote), I feel you'd be shutting out huge swaves of developers and their ideas. I imagine that native applications can still be developed and deployed independently of the Marketplace, but might Microsoft consider having a programme that native developers can join? Everyone wants to play Doom and Quake on their phone, but I doubt many fancy re-implementing everything in C# (and don't say C++/CLI ; )).



    • Platform independence: if you decide to bring back MIPS or even SH3 then applications available on the Marketplace are guaranteed to work on the device)
    • Easier static analysis makes it possible to easily identify malware code
    • Code Access Security
    • Protection from buffer-overruns