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    W3bbo said:

    For Charlie Kindel (I hope it isn't too long):


    Windows Mobile, from its beginnings as the Palm-top PC (anyone remember the Philips Nino?), has had native C/C++ code as its first-class development language, it has allowed games like Doom and Quake to be ported to the platform easily, and of course allows for maximum performance, which is important on low-power devices. If I understand the 'leaked' information regarding development correctly am I right in believing ISVs will be limited to managed code development with WPF and Silverlight, and that only the OEMs/IHVs will have access to the underlying native Windows CE APIs?


    Whilst I recognise the advantages managed/CLR programs have for the platform, and especially the marketplace (see footnote), I feel you'd be shutting out huge swaves of developers and their ideas. I imagine that native applications can still be developed and deployed independently of the Marketplace, but might Microsoft consider having a programme that native developers can join? Everyone wants to play Doom and Quake on their phone, but I doubt many fancy re-implementing everything in C# (and don't say C++/CLI ; )).



    • Platform independence: if you decide to bring back MIPS or even SH3 then applications available on the Marketplace are guaranteed to work on the device)
    • Easier static analysis makes it possible to easily identify malware code
    • Code Access Security
    • Protection from buffer-overruns

    For longer "questions" I recommend bolding the actual question(s) you want asked. The context is useful, but for efficiency reasons we would appreciate it if we can easily pinpoint the question(s) that we will ask on your behalf.