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Either of those people would probably work.

For Charlie Kindel (probably):


We've (the group I work with) have been thinking about mobile applications a lot lately.  I hear an awful lot about Windows Phone 7 and gaming (with XNA 4, etc.), but we don't develop games-- what does Windows Phone 7 provide me as an applications developer (not a games developer)?  What distinguishes Windows Phone 7 from Android and iPhone OS as far as application development goes?  Will Windows Phone 7 provide me with everything I need to produce rich client applications for the device that behave consistently with the system and meet users' expectations of the interface (without having to go through a bunch of hoops to reimplement controls or UI metaphors in WPF)?


(didn't bold here--  all but the first sentence of the previous paragraph are questions; figured it would be easier to read not bolded)