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View Thread: 'Metro' - Human Interface Guidelines?
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    Paul Thurrott tweeted a nice photo of a selection of posters demonstrating the creed that is the Windows Phone 7 Series UI "Metro".


    Metro Posters Photographed by Paul Thurrott


    I am wondering when - or if - we are likely to see the release of a "Metro" Human Interface Guideline document/website which could help designers or developers understand more of the intricacies and conventions about how the interface is constructed (in what I presume is Expression Blend and Visual Studios WPF Designer), the recommended font sizes and grid layouts etc.


    With the first truly new UI from Microsoft in many years, without any legacy baggage, it would be interesting to see how comprehensive it is, and how coherent the various elements are.


    I know this may not interest everyone here, as I am sure Developers outweigh Designers, but it is something that will be helpful for both.