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View Thread: There will be NO local database access for the WindowsPhone?
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    contextfree said:
    DaveK said:

    Apparently someone has already taken a stab at SQLite for WP7:

    Hi. I am almost sure there WILL be relational storage on WP7, but may be later. I developed some enterprise apps for raw WinCE5 barcode scanning devices few yeras ago using NETCF and SQLCE. THE small problem with it was, that SQLCE is in-proc DLL which must fit togeter with NETCF runtime and your apps and some database cache into 32MB process memory limit on pre WinCE6.x kernel. WinCE6 kernel which powers WP7 has real virtual memory and virtually unlimited process space in RAM + far more running processes concurently etc. But I think, that really cool goal will be to "KILL SQL as query/dml language" ASAP Smiley. What about "embedded entity framework" using LINQ api solely ??? I posted some ideas here, so feel free to translate it from czech by some service ... (WP7 wishfull thinking) (WP7 DB wishfull thinking too Smiley