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View Thread: wpf...does it just fade away...?
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    spivonious said:

    Personally, I think MS needs to stop "innovating" with WPF and wait for developers to catch up. Does anyone feel overwhelmed by all of the new frameworks being thrown out of Redmond? WPF, WF, MVC, EF, LINQ, SL, ... It seems like I've barely gotten comfortable with one when there are two replacements for it.

    some days i feel that way ... other days not so much....

    thing is that some of the things MS has created do turn out to not be so great but in other cases they get a winner and run with it.

    for example LINQ to Objects and Generics are huge.

    WCF has many things that ASMX does not.

    and while DLINQ may not get much love i can see that EF is taking a lot of what DLINQ does and kicking it up to the next level.


    I would rather have them keep working on stuff and doing a new bersion of Silverlight every year then have them get like IE6 was....

    Tech is like a race where if you rest for a year you are going to lose.

    look at how much they have to do now wit the new phone to catch up with the iPhone and the rest of the pack.