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    DevJunkie111 said:
    Bass said:


    Bass that is a good point; i remember having this discussion about wether we needed to "invent" xaml and why we could not just evolve HTML instead. Looks like we are there now! Thanks to all the developers who pushed for it. What a waste of time and resources with all the investment in silverlight and xaml, if it is going to die eventually! At that time; there was all this emphasis on GPU support and rich graphics that was only available via WPF and eventually silverlight. Looks like that is not the case any more.

    Funny I though that this Mix conf was about hightlighting silverlight4; now it looks like the silverlight funeral with all the announcements on HTML5 support; i see no sense in silverlight!! I was just getting ready to invest time in silverlight4 and maybe seems much more sensible to invest in HTML5 + Javascript. Can we get some more intelligent comments to help clarify? 

    I will start a new thread to discuss Silverlight v.s. HTML/Javascript.

    XAML is really a more powerful, flexible development platform. XAML and HTML5 will not be equivalent by any means.  Compare how easy it would be to make a circular listbox (as an example) in XAML vs in HTML5. However that doesn't mean XAML should one day replace HTML either, imo. The thing about XAML is that with its flexibility is a lot more complexity and is only friendly to use if you're an experienced developer. It also depends on a very specifically designed object framework, whereas the DOM is a lot simpler.