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    DevJunkie111 said:
    exoteric said:

    Thank you for all your posts, your comments are insightful. 

    It is totally overwhelming!

    Today I was watching the ie9 talk. So now you have HTML + JavaScript and ASP .net mvc as options to write UIs thrown into the mix.

    And all of these technologies are evolving rapidly.

    Given that writing good UIs is still a great challenge all these different UI technologies and frameworks make it hard for developers to focus on the "real" problem of designing and building good UIs; instead time and effort is spent on learning all these frameworks. These are not just different in terms of ideas like XAML vs HTML for mark up they also differ in strategies for managing state(Client vs. server). If we were going to be investing in HTML5; why could we not have invested in it more, so we would not need XAML? We could have built WPF engine on top of the HTML5 DSL for UIs.

    And while we are discussing this, let us think of also of the complexity of many implementations of MVC, MVVM (Too many implementations to list out; corrected based on comments from wkempf).

    Is this not getting way too complex?

    Of course we should not stop progress in anyway; but perhaps we can do better?

    Am I missing something? Please help me understand I really appreciate it.


    The difference is HTML5 is an open standard with wide industry adoption. Silverlight is a properitary Microsoft technology.


    From Microsoft's perspective they would rather you use Silverlight. They have more control over that, and their whole business model basically revolves around platform control. HTML5 doesn't really fit into that well.


    I suspect HTML5 support was not Microsoft's idea. "HTML5 support was my idea." Smiley


    Many (most) web designers seem to be firmly supportive of an open web, and Microsoft is not able to ignore them anymore.