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    figuerres said:
    TommyCarlier said:

    Tommy - ok half way true....


    but AJAX does depend on the browser running javascript

    and i have seen that break it more than a few times.


    some times a client will just puke if some error happens in the clients script and if that script works on other pc's then we are left with an unstable app and we do not know why ...


    we wind up taking the pc and re-loading the browser to try and fix it. (well the tech on site does anyway).

    and it does not fail totally.... it just crashes/hangs when they are in the second or third part of a data entry process.

    fuguerres, tommyCarlier, great comments. Tommy is right gmail is a great example to show that JavaScript/Ajax works if done right.

    If you listen to Douglas Crockford, he is on a mission to talk about the Good parts of Javascript; he would argue that if done right it is a good language to write apps in once you learn to avoid the bad parts!  

    And now you have JQuery and RxJavaScript etc to make it easier to write better apps. 

    Also as far as I know silverlight does not run on Linux, does it?

    If we all were to embrace the Javascript/HTML paradigm would we be able to create a better JavaScript, and evolve the browser DOM. Yes, this is all standards work, but there is no way to get a cross platform work except through some standards work.