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View Thread: Should Enterprise Devs stick to WindowsMobile6 for now?
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    Blue Ink

    It depends on your definition of Enterprise Dev. Most of the mobile applications we have worked with have become web applications or are based on web services anyway. The only exception (a remote controller for some robotic equipment) requires constant connection, so a DB wouldn't help.


    Your set of applications seems to have some characteristics that make them not very generic:

    - It is ok to work with stale data (this is often a big no-no).

    - It is critical that information is constantly available, but it's ok to queue up anything you need to send.

    - It must work in areas where connection is non-existent, and will stay such for a long time.


    I don't doubt such scenarios exist, but I cannot see them as being the most common in the industry, so my answer to your post title is "no, thanks".