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View Thread: Should Enterprise Devs stick to WindowsMobile6 for now?
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    figuerres said:

    well for me it's not even an option .... we have about 130-160 devices out in use that i support the code for. they are not going to be replaced any time soon.

    if you want a rugged unit that can print and do some nice stuff go look at the casio IT-3100

    not a small sleek phone ... it's a tough handheld that can do a lot though.

    CE 5 OS, can run .Net CF 3.5 very well.


    I took a look at it. We don't need the printer, but they have an IT-800 that's a little more suited to our needs. There are so many devices out there. www.PDADB.Net does a pretty good job of tracking them, almost too good. It looks like they'll be a different model for every person on the planet soon.



    Dave K