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View Thread: Should Enterprise Devs stick to WindowsMobile6 for now?
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    DaveK said:
    figuerres said:


    I took a look at it. We don't need the printer, but they have an IT-800 that's a little more suited to our needs. There are so many devices out there. www.PDADB.Net does a pretty good job of tracking them, almost too good. It looks like they'll be a different model for every person on the planet soon.



    Dave K

    Yeah our app is a mobile POS so the printer was a must have item.

    plus the same type of paper (thermal and the paper width) works in both the casio and the epson pos printers we use for stationary pos locations.


    I can tell you that the end users of the handhelds are really hard on them and they work really well in spite of the abuse....

    wish i had pictures for you of some of them that come back for repairs.....


    like touch screens with craters dug in from pounding the same spot all day long and using pens and whatever when they lose the stylus.

    we have seen some half melted from heat and sun... some that were thrown out of a car and ran over....


    you name it....