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View Thread: Should Enterprise Devs stick to WindowsMobile6 for now?
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    DaveK said:
    Ray7 said:

    I guess that's their plan.

    I just came from a Sybase-"IPhone on your terms" presentation in NYC. So while Microsoft focuses on delivering basically web apps on WP7S (available on IPhone in 2007) ,IPhone is coming after the Enterprise..  So Microsoft is promising to deliver in seven months technology that would only put it 2 years behind IPhone if it were released today. So by Christmas it'll only be 2 years and 7 months behind the IPhone instead of 3 years behind. You can say its not a web app, it's Silverlight,  but if most to all of your data is coming from the server the results are the same. Back in 2007 people complained about the slowness of the web apps, on the IPhone  so in 2008 Apple moved to creating apps that can access databases locally. If Microsoft had put local db access into the device they could legitimately say they were at parody with the IPhone this Christmas. They''ll claim it anyway, but they'll be wrong.

    In the mean time, the IPad will be here in a month. And it will help Apple A LOT in the Enterprise. Watch the IPad take off. So by Christmas it''ll be The IPad and the IPhone going full steam at the consumer AND the enterprise. Microsoft will be watching Silverlight apps that require a lot of data access being judged as too slow. Unless they have discovered a way to cheat the currently known laws of physics (wormholes maybe?) there is no way they're going to do a round trip data request from some data hub in Chicago or Texas to a phone faster than an IPhone/IPad accessing data locally.


    And to compete against the IPad/IPhone combo in the enterprise it'll be good old WM6.


    The Wall Street Journal estimates 10% of Microsoft employees use the IPhone for work, even though they have to pay for it themselves. So the IPhone is penetrating into MICROSOFT's own enterprise. And imagine how many IPods Microsoft's  employees' kids have. Add the IPhones owned by their spouses and relatives.


    I think Microroft has made great strides in the dev environment, they did a good job (except for local db access on the WindowsPhone.) Microsoft's strength up till now has been the enterprise, but they are not defending the castle because everyone has been mustered to try to attack Apple's consumer stronghold.


    Getting the world to abandon ITunes for whatever the Zune version of ITunes is, will be a tough job. I've heard the new Zune is great. But as we know the mindshare (and the song collections), especially of the kids, are vested in ITunes. I think getting my 12 year old niece and her friends to give up their IPods will be akin to selling Honda's to Hell's Angels. The kids are growing up with that Apple logo imprinted on their lives. New York and LA pretty much define where the fashion goes in the country. And if your in a cafe anywhere around NYU, you'd think the market share of laptops was reversed with Apple in the huge majority.  And with the price premium, Apple laptops are pretty much like buying a pair of $400 True Religion jeans. The IPod has truly become fashion, with kids buying multiple devices, just in different colors. The number of kids with multiple zunes as fashion- I'd bet approximately zero. Maybe Bill Gate's kids? I even doubt that.


    I went to the Sybase event because, while I was leaving a Microsoft event in NYC early this week, another developer grabbed me and said you should go to this. He even found me the signup sheet from the computers available at the Microsoft's New York office. And when I went to the event there were more familiar faces. Long time devotees of Microsoft pushing others to "IPhone in the enterprise events". And they are there instead of watching the just released latest and greatest technology webcasts from MIX!


    Maybe I'm missing  Microsoft's grand scheme. But it had better come together soon.


    Dave K


    We are waiting for Microsoft's plan as well.  WinPhone7 is definitely not a business fit for our customers yet we have not heard what the plan is for WinMobile.  To date we have treated the WinPhone7 as a fork and patiently wait to hear the news regarding the other prong.