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View Thread: Should Enterprise Devs stick to WindowsMobile6 for now?
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    Ray7 said:

    DaveK said:


    I'm a bit late to all of this, but it sounds as if you didn't pick up on Microsoft's plans for this thing.


    This is a consumer OS. This is what MS has said it is from day one.  If I were you I wouldn't get your hopes up that it will be anything else.

    It's just hard to stand idly by and watch Microsoft shoot itself in the foot in the mobile space again. They have a good arsenal of enterprise features in the pipeline like Azure and Sync (Huron). To me they seem to be trying to fight Apple's fight, instead of playing to their strengths. I'd like to see WP doing things the IPhone can't rather than trying to be the IPhone of two years ago, I can see chasing the regular consumer, since its a big market, I just hope they don't lose the enterprise instead.


    Dave K