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Silverlight for ZuneHD!!!

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    You have not been missing something.


    Since WP7S has been announced news around Zune HD has been very quite. But here is my guess:


    They are working on a Zune HD2 with the same software and development platform as Windows Phone 7 Series but without the phone stuff. The old Zune HD will not be upgradeable.

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    gkrishnaa said:
    CKurt said:

    ZuneHD2? That makes me sad. Sad

    Microsoft can get away with this. To me they are like Apple is in the PC market. Very small, but have a diehard fanbase. People who love the Zune HD really love it. It does great things, it works well, it is beautiful. I think if the parent company wants to move on we can do nothing about it. It is sad.

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    Question if the intent was to ditch the Zune HD why would MS invest all of that time into making special Zune Hd devices for use as inflight entertainment devices? Seems to me that if you are planning to leave a device behind you do not roll out a bunch of new apps for it or find a new nitch for that product. You certainly do not enter into a join venture based on that product.

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    I think they should just do it like iPod touch, a WInPh without Ph. Simple consolidated resource since WinPh is already out there.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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    Would be cool if it supported the same apps as WP7 - having the space to store as many podcasts and as much music & video as I like would be good. (I'm using a 60gb old style Zune alongside my phone at the moment which is OK until they can get the phone storage up there).  

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