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    turrican said:

    I disagree with your completely regarding LCD vs CRT. Yes, lower priced LCDs are just UTTER CRAP, but anything above $500 is good. When buying an LCD, make sure you don't get more than 1000:1 or 800:1, some advertise 10.000:1 and those are the ones who hurt the eye. Because LCD can not really produce more than 1000:1 ( I read some article about it some time ago ) so what they do is that they make the backlight so strong it looks like 10.000:1 but it really hurts the eyes very bad.


    I use NEC monitors right now, I got one 1000:1 and one 800:1, very calm and soft on the eys ( I use them 10 hours a day ). Also, even with these monitors, you should not sit with 50/50 brightness, I sit with 20% brightness. and never glare long times on a white screen ( I change Visual Studio color to blue [old Pascal])

    I have seen 3 eye specialists and they all told me the above.

    If you say CRTs are good, I'm sure you haven't used a "good" LCD.


    The text clarity in LCD is far better than any CRT. and I have had the most expensive CRTs from both SONY and EIZO.

    EIZO is by the way a very good LCD brand. Especially in terms of right colors.

    ps. Sorry if my reply is a bit OT.

    Well I did consider getting 2490Wuxi (the old model) seriously at one point but research said it still has more input lag than a crt and there were many reports of audible whine either from the psu or the backlight. Also I'm still not convinced that even the best LCD have great performance in pitch black room displaying very dark shades. They tend to glow when not facing directly and the viewing angles and performance in dark is what I really want when say gaming something like Fallout. I've tried IPS,PVA and TN displays at home for good time each so this isn't purely internets research. Each of them were above $500 new. I know there were even better LCD stuff out there but every time I looked into it there's always those certain issues that are more to do with the lighting (backlight) method than anything else. Also CCFL flicker pattern is different from CRT. It's more like staring into a strobe light. This can be seen visually on camera at high shutter rate. I don't know if that's what caused the odd sensation in the eyes after long LCD use but going back to CRT there was relief within 2 days. I couldn't use the LCD more than 6 hours a day at the point of switching back to CRT. Now I can easily do 12 hours.