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View Thread: Text rendering in IE9 preview?
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    Anyone else seeing it like this?



    (Click the image for 1:1)

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    ^^ There's IE9 pasted on top of the IE8 screen. "i" "r" "C" letters jump out as particularly bad but overall all the IE9 text appears lighter.


    Now I don't know about your display but on my CRT IE8 looks better. And as everyone knows, to date no LCD has surpassed the best* of CRT in performance. Contrast performance when using a black screen with dark objects. Like most games. So I'm not moving from CRT until that is fixed. And the input lag, which is more than CRT. And the numerous other issues you can read on hard-forum. There's a 300 page thread there about everyone wanting to buy a CRT. Then there's the fact that LCD are more stressful for eyes. Atleast mine, they make eyes dry. So LCD fans, I don't want to hear from you. I've seen enough of them and none, absolutely none, beat CRT in any parameter that actually matters (perfect geometry isn't critical to my use).


    * (I don't have the best of CRT, I got mine for $10 used and haven't seen any < $3000 LCD that beats it in my chosen critical parameters. Talk about a steal!)


    If you show me a < 30" LCD with each invidual pixel backed up by its own light source (eg. 1920x1080 invidual LED's) then I'll listen to you. If it's less than $3000. Resolution atleast 1600x1200. Good hunting. Smiley


    (I think NEC might've had one back in the day but the problem with invidual LED sources is the uneven white balance/performance and problem of the invidual leds "aging" at different pace requiring constant re-calibrations to maintain even perf across the screen. So really even if you find one such display, it might be good at first but get worse much quicker than CRT. This is probably why you don't see many of those in the market + the cost.)