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    dentaku said:
    spivonious said:

    I have yet to see an LCD monitor that I like better than a Trinitron CRT.

    It just seems impossible to get even colour from top to bottom. If I draw something in light grey on a white background in Illustrator on a my CRT then drag it to my LCD I have to move my head up and down to see it at all on the LCD.

    LCDs on laptops are even worse because there's such a small horizontal band where the colours are half decent you're constantly tripping the screen forward and back to get the contrast to look right.


    Just because it's newer doesn't make it better.


    Although... I find tape annoying and vinyl terribly impractical so I'll stick with purely digital audio Smiley

    Did they ever make plasma monitors?  If not then why not?  A plasma would have deeper blacks and higher refresh than an LCD.  I personally use an LCD for gaming and I like them better than the old CRTs.  When I am playing a game I usually don't sit around judging color depth, I am just playing the game.  The only thing that truely matters for gaming and LCDs is refresh rate.  I haven't seen a ghosting problem with LCDs in a long time.