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View Thread: Text rendering in IE9 preview?
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    Sven Groot said:

    IE9 uses DirectWrite, which uses subpixel positioning, which (like regular subpixel ClearType rendering) doesn't work on a CRT. Get an LCD, or disable ClearType.


    Also, I have a counter challenge: find me a 24" and 19" CRT that I can fit side-by-side, with plenty of room to spare at the front, on a desk that's 120cm wide and 80cm deep. Good hunting.

    Both of them use ClearType. The other just has the sub pixels in different colors. It seems quite much similar as the issue that should be fixed in VS2010 RTM according to WPF text blog. There were people here who didn't seem to be bothered. Well I guess enough were bothered elsewhere since they chose to fix it. And now I'm saying there's issues again. So we'll see, maybe this will be fixed also. Smiley


    ed: I do get what you're saying about the positioning but I don't understand the technology enough to say how it should work. I just see that it looks a bit fuzzy here. I will find a LCD to compare this on to see if the issue is purely CRT related.