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    Dr Herbie

    mstefan said:
    rhm said:

    There are laser turntables where nothing physical touches the vinyl album, but I have no idea how they sound in comparison. The whole CRT vs. LCD and vinyl vs. CD arguments often leave me wondering whether I'm blind and deaf. I just don't get the "but the colors are so much richer, the sound so much fuller, yadda yadda yadda ...." arguments. Yes, LCDs can look washed out when viewed at an angle, but (I don't know about the rest of you) I don't keep my monitor on the floor near my left foot. It's right in front of my face, and looks just fine. Honestly, I think some (not all) of this is simply some form of nerd retro-elitism. Or I'm just blind and deaf.


    It took me four months to realise that my PC speakers had switched to mono, so telling the difference between CD and Vinyl or between LCD and CRT (or cheap wine vs expensive wine) is not something that I really care about.


    Ignorance can be bliss.