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    Sven Groot

    Dr Herbie said:
    mstefan said:

    It took me four months to realise that my PC speakers had switched to mono, so telling the difference between CD and Vinyl or between LCD and CRT (or cheap wine vs expensive wine) is not something that I really care about.


    Ignorance can be bliss.




    Ah, that reminds me, several years ago after I bought a particular DVD of an anime I really loved (Read or Die), I discovered that not only was it missing the 5.1 track, the channels were reversed on the regular stereo track. I managed to notice this in about five seconds because I have the soundtrack on CD so I could hear the music was wrong.


    When I told Dybex (the publisher of the DVD, and the only major publisher of anime in the Netherlands). They told me it wasn't an issue because it wasn't noticeable. There's a self-disproving argument for you, because obviously, I had noticed it. Perplexed


    The problems with this DVD (besides the audio, it also had fuzzy video and very poorly translated subtitles) led me to sell it (to someone who was aware of the issues) and buy the Australian release instead. Their attitude about the problems (refusing to acknowledge them) also led me to decide never to buy another Dybex DVD, and I haven't.