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    I disagree with your completely regarding LCD vs CRT. Yes, lower priced LCDs are just UTTER CRAP, but anything above $500 is good. When buying an LCD, make sure you don't get more than 1000:1 or 800:1, some advertise 10.000:1 and those are the ones who hurt the eye. Because LCD can not really produce more than 1000:1 ( I read some article about it some time ago ) so what they do is that they make the backlight so strong it looks like 10.000:1 but it really hurts the eyes very bad.


    I use NEC monitors right now, I got one 1000:1 and one 800:1, very calm and soft on the eys ( I use them 10 hours a day ). Also, even with these monitors, you should not sit with 50/50 brightness, I sit with 20% brightness. and never glare long times on a white screen ( I change Visual Studio color to blue [old Pascal])

    I have seen 3 eye specialists and they all told me the above.

    If you say CRTs are good, I'm sure you haven't used a "good" LCD.


    The text clarity in LCD is far better than any CRT. and I have had the most expensive CRTs from both SONY and EIZO.

    EIZO is by the way a very good LCD brand. Especially in terms of right colors.

    ps. Sorry if my reply is a bit OT.