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Text rendering in IE9 preview?

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    Would like to see more laser projected displays, like the Mitsubishi Laservue, except in a front projector.

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    androidi said:
    rhm said:

    Tapes are better. Of course the question is for what. There's plenty of evidence to go around that using tapes as part of an audio production chain to color the sound of a track makes it sound nicer. eg. There's a guy in YouTube who uploads synth demos. I thought his first demo sounded superb and the rest sounded like crap. Well after digging enough it turned out he had ran the first one through analog tape. No wonder. The greatest electronic musician (eg some on Warp records) use it too as part of production process.


    Tape is better than CD because of coloring? If all you want is coloring, use DSP.

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    , Sven Groot wrote


    If they want to change this they'll have to update DirectWrite. It's beyond the scope of IE9.


    I couldn't agree more. That's what I expected from MS, but that's not what's happening. I currently sense something wrong with it.

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    There's no reason to update DirectWrite because it's already capable of rendering pixel snapped text. It's the application choice (IE in this case) to do (or not) pixel snapping.

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