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    Well now let's see, the best part of blogging is you can say what ever you wish...
       To me it is just a matter of speaking my mind and not caring whether anyone else takes it the right way or not lol.. (joking)
     But seriously, blogging is great because it's just like a diary, for little girls, ( no offense ). A bit different then the 'regular' diary, why? haha, well, this diary the whole world has access to , so therefore, your secrets are not secrets anymore..
      While blogging, you have to be carefull on what you say, don't ever give out any 'important' information, for example where you live, e-mail address is OK i guess, as long as you keep it private.
       I'm sure everyone knows this, but, I'am addicted to blogging so i felt like posting... 

    I did not go to school today, was very tired from the WASL test we took a while back ( a day ), WASL (washington assesment of student learning), trust me, you do not want to take it..
        I think i passed, i have to, goes into my permanent record, well, not the math part but the science part YES!
        (Stupid science)
       Who here hates science?
         Gee how i wish i could make a poll on the 'science' subject..


    oh yea, i have tried to access this website with my celluar phone the other day, and it would not let me, wonder why.... works great, google is OK, my blog works OK as well, (though you do not want to post anything with a celluar phone, will probably take 30 minuts to type up a paragraph) 
              Enough for now, i got to get going on some HTML..
      Bye Bye.
     Your Bro in Christ,

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    the only reason i blog is for my friends to be able to keep up with what i have going on.

    also i think it's a good way to learn web technology running your own server

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    Jeremy W

    I'm just going to exerpt this from my own blog, because it's what I think:

      Over the last week, several people have asked me why they should blog. Invariably my response depends on what I feel that person could best get out of blogging.

    For a previous boss it's the business networking which happens so quickly and easily. Even if I don't get a job at Microsoft (the best chances I've had are as a direct result of blogging), I know so many people that when I have issues or questions I'm able to say "hangon, let me ask so and so" and they get back to me.

    For a friend who's such a social butterfly it makes my head spin my answer was similar: to build relationship and get to know people.

    But, it's people who say things like:

    <blockquote>Unless you have a big fan group of people, blogs are useless unless you like talking to yourself.</blockquote>

    That irks me. Not because I think the individual's an idiot, but because... Well, here was my response, as that'll likely relay my feelings better than a large preamble.

    <blockquote>I write for myself. The parts I love about blogging are the social aspect, the concept of opening up my ideas for review (by others or myself) as well as the ability to search my thoughts: knowledge management.

    Blogging's something for anyone and everyone. I can't think of anyone who can't benefit from knowing more people, never forgetting a thought again and improving on their thoughts with little or no effort.

    For some blogging will be like a diary: a historical record of their thoughts at a moment in time.

    For others it'll be like speed-networking. You get to know people in a shallow way and then develop a relationship.

    For still others it'll be something else entirely.

    Most people who don't "get" blogging have never really tried to look past the teenage girls who "oooh, he's so cute" their way through every day.

    Even for those girls, though, there's value. Psychologically speaking it's an incredibly valuable outlet.

    Sorry, but many people are too busy being closed minded about blogging to see the potential. If you don't do it, cool. But don't say it's useless "unless you have a big fan group or like to hear your own voice" (to paraphrase).</blockquote>

    To me, blogging is about the writer. Sure, there are a hundred other dynamics (including improving your writing, exposing yourself to new thoughts, deepening your understanding of yourself and the world around you... the kinds of things that happen naturally when you open your mind to new things)...

    But, really, blogging is about the blogger. I've introduced dozens of people to blogging. Only one quit, and I'm trying to convince him to take it up again because I honestly believe he'd really enjoy it.

    All of the people who have taken it up generally aren't sure why they keep at it. I love blogging, I'm sure I'll always blog in some form or another (even if it dies, it's entirely likely I'll just do it for me as a journal).

    Anyways, enough of a rant. I've ranted far too much this weekend. Especially since I'm so darn happy Wink

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    Great responses guys!

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    There are various reasons why I blog.

    For some instances, I vent. Something pissed me off, so I tell the world.

    It lets me share experiences, thoughts, feelings, opinions, and other things without fear of persecution. If people don't like whats on my blog, tough. They can eat my * with a spoon for all I care.

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    The blogs are a communication medium, also a learning tool like your collage notebooks. We are all engaged in learning and creating NEW things, we need notes to chart our progress (or to see where we went wrong).

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    The reason I blog is because I was sick of having to send links to all my buddies via MSN/AIM.  At first it was a time-saver, and my friends could just read it at their leisure, but now I find that I spend more time posting stuff than I spent sending stuff out before.  I started out with just a home-made dynamic AIM profile, then recently I migrated to the .Text blog.


    [Edit] .Text link:
    [Edit #2] How bad is it, when I don't even get my own URL correct?

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    Hi, I have a question speaking of blogging, Does
    Bill Gates blog, is he an avid reader of blogs even if it is just the ones the MS staff create??

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    Jeremy W

    He does not blog (publicly, not sure if he keeps a blog for his thoughts). He does read blogs, apparently.

    He also gave a speech this spring encouraging CEOs of large companies to blog in some form, so you'd hope he'd be doing it soon.

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    Personally, I think the idea of blogging is/can be great.  For a while, I kept a writing "journal" of sorts where I put down thoughts on writing, the writing process, story ideas, etc. It wasn't a "diary" of any sort, and I'll probably never put any of it into a blog of any type.  Recently, I even went back through it and found all sorts of stuff, like comments on NATO bombing Serbia, etc.  I'm more or less now shifting that type of stuff off into a blog, and of course, the content will change form somewhat (and I will throw in a ton of tech stuff when I get the chance).  I also feel it is a good way to exchange links, ideas, articles, etc., and yes, there are social benefits to it also.  I'll probably even take it to a point where I have "interweaving" entries (ideas stretched out over several parts/entries) that will collide together like a story plot, so it can be read like a story.  Whether that will amount to anything remains to be seen I guess.

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    Well I know Jeremy won’t like this but I am not big on blogging.  I get annoyed when people use them as a medium to provide technical discussions, tutorials, samples, ect. When this is done they are not organized at all. I just view it as whether you would like to read a magazine with a table of contents or a book with random entries.

    If people want to rant and rave about their personal lives go for it but it is just not for me.

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    Jeremy W

    hehe, no actually I'd agree. If you are trying to provide a pure technical resource, a blog may (may Wink) not be the best way to do it.

    However, if we take a step back...

    Take a look at A very highly trafficked technical site. They have articles in various categories and subcategories. They post them regularly. Order them reverse chronologically...

    Is there anything here which makes it not a blog? Heck, articles even have comments for them...

    So while I'd agree that a Blog may not be the best way to do it, there is nothing in the medium which makes it impossible or improbable.

    I even subscribe to SitePoint's RSS feed so, to me, it is for all intents and purposes a blog written by a vast array of authors.

    To each his own, I guess, but to me "Blog" is a very wide-reaching term. But I'll totally grant that since SitePoint isn't a blog and that I can think of very few blogs that are purely technical (outside of Microsoft team blogs)... I'll grant that a typical "blog" isnt' the best way to provide the kind of content you talked about Smiley

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    Blogs are quite useful for all sorts of stuff. It doesn't mean all blogs are useful, it doesn't mean all blog entries are useful, but in general you can find interesting readings there. In the past for interesting readings you had to go to a magazine web site, a technical web site but now you can read blogs. Also you can see people discussing through trackbacks and comments, I think it is wonderful. The thing against blogs, looks like the thing against xml. Both will be here to stay, people will use it.

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    Yeah, normally this is what i do:

    1) learn a good programming tip from people, and i will blog it - so that if future, i forget, i can come back to my blog and read it.

    2) I found something interesting even movies like AVP, i will blog it

    3) I just blog anything i want (except political issues and terrorism), and no one will block me. Unlike forums, they banned or removed your post! Scary!

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    I think Jorkapp is right on track. I mean, I do the exact same thing. It's an EXCELLENT stress reliever. I mean, me typing this right now is relieving my stress. Anyways, hope y'all finally end this and then it's over with. Not saying that I don't appreciate Jorkapp speaking his mind on this thread, but yah. TTYL y'all!

    The Famous "Mel" that Jorkapp talks about in his blogs!

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    Jorkapp wrote:
    There are various reasons why I blog.For some instances, I vent. Something pissed me off, so I tell the world.It lets me share experiences, thoughts, feelings, opinions, and other things without fear of persecution. If people don't like whats on my blog, tough. They can eat my (I need to watch my language) with a spoon for all I care.

    You make an excellent point....

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    This is what I thought of blogging(Quoted from my blog on MSN Space):

    What kind of implication the blog exposes to us? I've watched an on-line discussion programme about this topic on CNN, and the guests out there came up with a lot of really sensible and witty insight into how we can or should approach the new communication technology. I was so impressed by their discussion, which give me some sort of inspiration and guidance to write blog, so now I start to experience what  the blog means to me, to my life, to the way how I approach the world, how I approach the people around me, and above all, what the blog matters to me is whether or not this new way of communication can bring much more richness to my life.

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    blogs are dairies/journals of old were. 

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