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View Thread: SPUR: Trace-Based JIT for JavaScript/CIL from MSR
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    Charles said:
    felix9 said:

    Yes. In some sense, you can think of research as a way to learn lessons that may or may not yield fruit in production... The CLR/DLR do not employ tracing, correct.

    Tracing is a very sophisticated and compelling technology,

    Anders Hejlsberg listed 'tracing' as a feature of the 'Adaptive JIT compiler' for dynamic languages in his 'trends and directions' talk, and people from the Iron-languages community are alwasy talking about it I believe, but language-specific optimizing will not be a very high priority request for CLR/DLR team I guess, if SPUR can prove that tracing at IL level will yield good results too, thats more like something that ms teams would do for the 'one runtime to run them all' platform, right ? Smiley