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I'm finally using a 64bit Win7

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    I finally took the time to back everything up and installed Win7 64bit on my main drive this afternoon. Don't you hate that feeling when you click on format and hope you didn't forget to back up something important?


    I didn't install the free copy of Office 2007 Ultimate Dan sent me yet because I knew I was just going to re-install my OS sometime  soon so I guess now I can finally install.

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    When I last formatted my machine, I forgot to de-authorize my favorite DRM encumbered audio repository. No big deal, unless you do this kind of thing all the time. Since it seems like you enjoy trying new things and giving feedback, I would recommend jumping on Connect and kicking the tires of Office 2010.



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    Grats! ( Yeah, I dislike that format feeling hehe ) I have also recently installed win 7 64, just awaiting VS2010 to start using it.. although already running 32bit. I have now moved almost completely to Hyper-V so I no longer have the issue of a reformat. If I only could develop XNA in a Hyper-V machine, then I no longer would need a "local" OS except the Hyper-V.

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