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Anyone familiar with quirks with A2DP in winmo 6.5?

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    I have a moto T505 speaker in the car that I used to be able to listen to phone calls and music from a blackberry I had.  Now I have a HD2 with one of the later builds of winmo 6.5, the so called 6.5.X.  I'm trying to be able to listen to music through my car radio via the T505, but the thing is that the phone just refuses to output music through the T505.  What's strange is that it routes phone calls to it just fine.  Anyone ever happen to have something like this happen or maybe know how to fix it?


    I've seen a video on youtube where a guy paired his HD2 to a T505 speaker.  He's using a stock ROM but I have the same bluetooth app and followed the same steps that guy did but still no music...  I guess it's what I get for going with a custom ROM, but I find it hard to believe that its the ROM.

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    I think it's been awhile since I used WinMo, so don't quote me on this.  I believe there is going to be a setting that you will have to change to get music to output over bluetooth.  I want to say its under WMP, but I am not 100% sure of that, it may also be under settings in the control panel.

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