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    GoddersUK said:
    Evok said:

    Evok: Yes, it was there only for a short period of time as another program I was using forced it upon me. I am now no longer using that program, so have disposed of QuickTime.


    CKurt: I specifically chose the version without iTunes, however it does seem that Apple Software Updater is still at large on my system, netuering it now, thanks for the reminder Smiley It also loaded something called "Apple Application Support". That is also being destroyed, as I type this Smiley


    In the end I hit cancel, the unistallation has appeared to perform fine and it's restarted - I'm assuming to clear out whatever garbage it may have placed into explorer et. al.

    You can uninstall Apple's update software safely but don't try to remove the Application support thingy as that will break your Quicktime installation.