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Strange IE8 and Flash issue.

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    Don't know why, but I was on for the corn bog flash game. The strange think happened. I only run IE and that site at the time and the flash form where fill in my info before playing the flash game is extrememly slow. I was typing and the text shows up like 2 seconds later. I fear the strange performance on my other Flash games has the same cause. Is it possible Flash for IE8 is crap? It seems like sometimes it is smooth and sometimes it is extrememly slow. For some reason the Flash plug-in is really irresponsive. I don't know what's going on.

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    It's possible that flash has become crap.


    Now for tech solutions for you to try.  I would start by using the flash uninstaller, then reinstall the latest version.  It could be that you are having some issues due to installation.


    Right click on any flash file and choose settings.  Make sure that hardware acceleration is checked.


    Keep in mind that flash files are software, and because of that some of it is coded efficiently and others are not so much.


    Let me know if the two solutions solve your problems.

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