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Live @ Edu down?

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    As of now, is failing. My school's hosted exchange service is down. This is pretty lame, especially since all email sent to my account is being bounced back ( just tested it, got a call telling me my email address was incorrect). Once again, Microsoft is earning its reputation. It never ceases to surprise me that large provides such as Microsoft and Google can still experience downtime. The cloud strikes again. Live Sign in services seem to be slow as well.


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    1. Anyone can suffer downtime. Size of the company really makes little difference here.

    2. Just because you can't reach a service does not mean the service is down. (Never heard of it before, but can't be resolved for me, while can, and is running a web service I can reach.)


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    I use hosted Exchange as well and have also been unable to get through multiple times over the past week or so. I also agree that there is really no excuse for downtime, especially nowadays and especially with a paid-for service.

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