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Martin Taylor Interview Tomorrow

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    competitive strategy

    Most of the I.T. Pros have their future with Microsoft. (well am not a developer so I dunno about the war between open source and closed source Smiley  ).

    So what is the next strategy by Microsoft? Microsoft must be worried and must working to keep the existing desktop market (more than 90%) in his hand.

    Mr. Gates' interview is published on BBC website and he very confident that new version Long Horn would be the most secure windows ever.

    So What's new in that? How windows is going to be more secure? We talk about security but we don't get too much knowledge about it.

    What makes windows more secure? it's Code?
    Can Microsoft capture the Server Market? If No then why and If yes then Why?

    Where does Microsoft's competitive strategy finds Microsoft in next 2 years?

    This is very common among most of the IT Pros that 'You have to keep yourself updated if you are on Microsoft Paltform. It keeps on changing. It doesn't give ti me to relax'. When windows will be matured?

    Now I'm out of questions.


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    Tensor wrote:

    So nothing yet. Has this been canned or somthing?

    No! Posting next Tuesday. Smiley


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    I'll be shipping these starting tomorrow. You'll get Episode I tomorrow. Episode II on Wednesday. Great stuff and I think you'll like Bill Hilf. He's a Linux guy who works here. Very balanced view on things.

    Sorry to keep you waiting, but we do have a schedule we follow (well, so we like to think).


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    The Channel 9 Team

    Here's part 1. Enjoy.


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