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My Blog was shut down

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    Well it happened, HR found my blog and found my critique of the computer services dept. and my use of the word "damn" unacceptible. No more blogging.

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    How can they do that?

    Unless it wasn't entirely "your" blog, of course.... but surely that's a case of heavy-handedness.

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    No it was on my workstation, internal only. but they got the link from the local bboard, and then read it completely. One use of the word "damn" and critique of how the computer service dept. doesnt know how to to configure a PIX and that's all it took for them to print the entire site out. The boss had a copy with post-it notes on it made by someone in HR.

    I hate "politcal correctness" and this just makes me want to scream right now. But I'll survive, I changed my link on the bboard to my personal blog that's not hosting on company servers, etc. lol. Now I just cant talk about anything work related on the outside. uggg.

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    It sounds like they just used the HR issue as the excuse to shut it down.

    The real issue would be using company resources (your workstation and bandwidth) for personal use.  Not to mention the security hole it exposed.

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