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Architecture of Enterprise Applications

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    I am designing an enterprise application which will be used in 12 different countries and accesed by 50k users. It will be a proformance based management system with lots of user data and business rules. What I need here is an architechtural diagrams or guidelines to design system and application architechture. I will be focusing on both physical and logical designs which can use any suitable technology from grid, cloud computing to silverlight or a combination of different technologies to improve performance and user experience.

    Your suggestions and inputs are well come.

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    Maddus Mattus

    Start here

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    Then continue here.

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    Why not start with your crossposting?

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    ... and then employee me! I design systems like this all day every day!


    The first question is .... how much budget can you cost justify? Remember the only rules in big system design are time/money/rules of physics/justification


    The next questions are .... what are the non-functional requirements, what is the service level then what should the system do?


    Now you can design your system.


    ... and now I'm going to help you cheat .... speak to these guys! SQLCAT .... 50k users is nothing, they've helped design, and all with just afew more users every minute!

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    Thanks guys for your time and interest.

    I have designed initial level of my architecture. First I'll explain Technical Architecture:

    I have divided my architecure in 4 clusters i.e. Web server Cluster, Application server cluster, database server cluster and a reporting server cluster. Initially there will be 2 - 3 webservers supported by a state server and conifigured with a failover cluster. However, I am yet to evalute total number of servers I'll be needing to support my design. Application servers and Database servers will be configured with load balancer for optimum performance. For database backup and disaster recovery, we will be using SAN. Due to frequent requirements of reports we'll be using Cognos BI in a clustered enviroment.

    As security is a consern all the servers will be in a secured zone and backend application will only be accessable from intranet share point site.

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