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    Longhorn looks to be the biggest change in Windows since 95, and looks to be very innovative

    What with, indigo and WinFS, so why can't the developers of LongHorn spend a while trying to make 6 month reinstalls a thing of the past. I mean, these guys must be some of the best developers on the planet (and I sure would love to meet them all Smiley).

    In my eyes the 3 greatest goals of LongHorn should be:

    1) Increase security. This should include increased security against attackers and increased security against viruses. Admittedly a lot of viruses have spread because of ignorant customers (Blaster worm wrecked havoc, but wasnt a patch for the RPC bug released 6 weeks before the virus??) but making it more difficult for viruses to spread is a must. One of the reasons Linux viruses are rare is because for a Linux virus to be effective it would need root privelages, and as the Linux community will tell you, dont take the name of Root in vain!

    2) Make 6 month reinstalls a thing of the past.

    3) Make disappearing files a thing of the past. I work in a customer support department for a large PC manufacturer in the UK and we get a lot of calls from customers who (for some strange reason) suddenly have blue screens saying:

    File missing or corrupt C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM or NTLDR.exe

    Why do these files randomly go missing?? The customers cant delete them themselves, can they??

    I know I'm asking for quite a lot, but I'd much rather have those than having "My Games" on the Start Menu.