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Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials functionality

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    Please help me, I consider myself a rather 'advanced' Windows user but I'm having a simple problem...


    Microsoft Security Essentials has this context-menu option, "Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials..." -- what I want is the ability to scan things on the fly, so google showed some discouraging entries, such as


    But I'm so sure if there is a context menu and there is a way to make it scan files or directories... So I started in the registry. I found a MSSE shell extenstion reference to "{0365FE2C-F183-4091-AC82-BFC39FB75C49}", which points at c:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~3\shellext.dll; makes sense. But now what? When I look at the exported functions of the DLL all I see are the typical register/unregister type stuff


    Then I thought I was digging too deep, so i tried scanning a file and just looking at the running command line, that just revealed /hide /runkey command line options.


    So, in hopes of learning some fundamental Windows troubleshooting I've come to the experts to assist me in what seems to be a simple question which has already taken me too long to answer Wink





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    Huh? It is automatic anyway, as long as its system tray icon is green. All anti-virus does that.

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    I can confirm that MSE already does this. It will auto-scan anything new that pops up on your computer.

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    I am comfused at why you find the forum discussion on MS Answers discouraging: someone asked about the CMD interface for MSE: you can run it on a CMD in two ways: running any command on the file name (echo will work just fine) or using the official command line c:\program files\microsoft security essentials\MPCMDRUN.EXE. All of this was on a link posted on the Answers page.

    But of course, as everyone else mentioned above you should not need to do that as the real time protection takes care of it.

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    So what are you trying to do? Find a way to programmatically scan a file? If that's what you need then the antivirus API may work better, as it will run any compatible anti-virus, which the majority are these days. Mind you, you're suddenly in pinvoke territory

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