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    W3bbo said:
    exoteric said:

    I disagree with your assessment that Flash wasn't very very novel:


    Flash brought professional-level animation to the masses. It democratised vector animation and significantly flattened the learning (and effort) curves.


    Lots of us will remember how Java applets were used from the mid-1990s onwards for things like in-browser games and scientific demonstrations, often crudely made because Java Applets are for programmers, not designers. Flash flipped the tables around and made it easy to make a polished impression: hundreds of thousands of Flash games, videos, and animations undoubtably changed the web for the better.


    Then in 2002 Flash 6 came out with support for video, thus marking the beginning of the end for plugin-video handlers: we all remember horrid experiences with the WMP control and QuickTime.


    Flash has been innovating, but remember it's a product for designers, not developers. You won't hear them innovating on parallelisation or lambda expressions.

    While I agree with everything you said, I want to know what you think Flash's future is? This, I believe, is what the Apple press release was about. I think we can all agree that Flash has been useful.