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    figuerres said:
    exoteric said:

    I vote for the GU as the CEO and public face of MS!


    Scott gets up and talks, he has good public presence and seems to always come accross as a good guy who's listening and wants to get it right.


    ray and balmer - meh, who needs em?

    The Gu would be a great public face, but to some degree he already is.  Wouldn't want to dilute him from his current efforts any more.  I could see Sinofsky in that role too.  Ballmer has always been a disaster for the company and needs to get booted.  He's old-school Microsoft thinking that just isn't compatible with where the company needs to go.  Who knows what Ozzie is up to since he never shows himself.  In what little I have seen from him, I've never seen anything that made me think he has any clue, so i'd send him packing with Ballmer.