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View Thread: Recovering the Microsoft’s Matrix Spoof
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    W3bbo said:

    Officially, no; because apparently the production company holds the copyright and Microsoft only licensed it for a one-off showing at PDC and not for reshowing. There was a fair ruckous caused by the leak of the "The Office: Values", it wasn't just Microsoft who complained, but also Ricky Gervais was also a bit peeved too because the video was made after he stopped officially playing the David Brent character.


    In retrospect the video wasn't that funny: it generalises Linux as being unstable (at least for desktop/laptop use) and only available from Big Iron companies like IBM when the reality is quite different: *nix platforms are especially known for their stability especially in mission-critical systems and there are dozens of reputable yet affordable companies you could get support from back then. It was a weak mud-slinging exercise. Fortunately Microsoft changed the tone of their later campaigns to focus on (more or less) valid comparisons.

    Bill Gates as Morpheus. Enough said. If that is not worthy to be saved for future generations, I don't know what is. As far as the tone of the campaigns, who cares, it was 7 years ago, everybody was/is/will be doing it.