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View Thread: Recovering the Microsoft’s Matrix Spoof
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    Officially, no; because apparently the production company holds the copyright and Microsoft only licensed it for a one-off showing at PDC and not for reshowing. There was a fair ruckous caused by the leak of the "The Office: Values", it wasn't just Microsoft who complained, but also Ricky Gervais was also a bit peeved too because the video was made after he stopped officially playing the David Brent character.


    In retrospect the video wasn't that funny: it generalises Linux as being unstable (at least for desktop/laptop use) and only available from Big Iron companies like IBM when the reality is quite different: *nix platforms are especially known for their stability especially in mission-critical systems and there are dozens of reputable yet affordable companies you could get support from back then. It was a weak mud-slinging exercise. Fortunately Microsoft changed the tone of their later campaigns to focus on (more or less) valid comparisons.