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View Thread: "Views for Sure" Should website GUIs be configurable?
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    sbc wrote:
    Some still seem to still do that. jamie uses IE specific features (he loves the browser),

    I did catch him dissing IE's rendering and praising Firefox in another thread somewhere, so just remember that Wink

    sbc wrote:
    probably more to the use of Frontpage rather than ignoring the fact that some use other browsers. WYSIWYG editors really need to generate standards compliant markup. 'Best viewed with a standards compliant browser' (i.e. most modern browsers, IE to a basic level) sounds more reasonable than 'View with IE'.

    Come to think about it, VS2005 will be the first "mainstream" IDE that writes compliant XHTML, highly ironic considering Microsoft's stance. I'm fairly sure there's some kind of munity going on inside the ASP.Net/IIS department.

    In either case, Jamie needs to drop Photoshop 3 and FrontPage and try something more modern and high-end. FrontPage is targetted at SOHO and all that, Dreamweaver isn't, nor Visual Studio, just my $0.02 really however.

    sbc wrote:
    Would be good if a high profile/popular site delivered a better experience to users when they were not using IE - although it would still function in IE. If a site looked really good in alternative browsers, people would use them. Microsoft is lucky there are people who fix bugs in IE, and improve its CSS support - like IE7 by Dean Edwards (perhaps it needs a new name due to Microsoft working on a new browser?),

    Well, a lot of the "CSS Bloggers", like Dave Shea and the rest already do this... but their sites get like 60% Firefox anyway.