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    itsnotabug said:

    i'm torn. the developer in me would like to get paid for 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand reselling of my product. the consumer in me wants to know that i actually own something that i purchase and can do with it what i like.


    maybe if they were more up front about what you're actually buying in the 1st place (a "license" to play vs. the actual game), they wouldn't have to resort to these tactics that turn people off. <this sentiment will not win me many friends Smiley


    software companies have been doing this forever. license transfer fees ruin the 2nd hand market, because for just a few bucks more you can get the latest release.

    Not only that, services like Game Fly (NetFlix for games) is also screwed.

    I won't be able to play games online if I am renting the game.


    Sometimes, I just want to buy an OLD OLD game that I like and be able to play online.

    But no.....EA has to go and screw this up for everyone.