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    Hi Team,
    my friends Marco Love Microsoft and love Xbox 360 (like me)
    Marco is very fond of Microsoft, has also created a Blog

    Marco is disable uses a wheelchair . Marco asked me many times if games will be available also for disabled people on NATAL.
    I have not been able to answer.

    Team you have an answer for this guy?



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    I'm a very great fan about Xbox 360 and I think to buy Project Natal, at least to use it to move the Dashboard as Tom Cruise in Minority Reports Big Smile

    I think that many games has do for play in stand without sit on couch, but there are also many others game, as racing game for example that play with Natal can't require the use of legs,
    and so my question is: there are problem to detect people sit on wheelchair? Is not only a my question, but I think that there are many other disabled people that play on Xbox 360 and are interested in Project Natal.

    Thatnks a lot Team and Good Work


    ps: here in Facebook in the Official Page of Project Natal there a discussion with others disabled people.!/topic.php?uid=88123713467&topic=13966&post=62449#post62449

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    Obviously whatever which part he can move, Natal will pick it up as control. But, the real problem is not Natal, but, do we have a game that actually cater to such specific market.

    Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.
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