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Lots of love for the Outlook-Notes connecter

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    If if any of you are working in a place that uses Lotus Notes, you understand the frustration over the convulted and just plain poorly designed mail client is has. 

    Forturnately, Microsoft released a connector that will allow Microsoft Outlook access the Domino mail database.  This isn't a simple POP3 hookup; it properly accesses mail, address books (both private and shared), calendering, all with no needing to  manually "send and receive".  I was loving it from the start, but was wowed when I opened a meeting request sent out to about 50 people in Notes, and was immediately able to see everyone's free/busy time.  This may not seem like a lot, but when you've been using Notes and don't have 90% of the functionality that Outlook has, you'll understand.

    I've been using it for two weeks, and aside from a few little annoyances, have been more than happy with it's performance.  I'm using Outlook 2003 (for some reason it wouldn't install on Outlook XP, even thought it supposedly works with that version) with Notes/Domino 6.0.3.

    Has anyone else used this connector?  Had any problems?

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    Using it and loving it!

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