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View Thread: When full disclosure regarding Aliens happens, what will you do?
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    W3bbo said:
    dahat said:

    The sad thing is how I can't tell how serious you are in that posting.

    Only half... while it's true I do maintain an extra supply of food and water in my apartment, the exist just as a basic precaution that any reasonable person/household should take, doubly so if they think there is any chance of a natural or other disaster which could prevent them from getting to a stocked grocery store... something that does exist in the Seattle area.


    As far as the firearms... I am a hunter, and a collector... so having a few is expected... and given me not being a religious man, I think I'm required to double up on my clinging to them.


    Now my ammunition stockpile... isn't all that much (assuming you ignore the 22 ammo) as it just takes up too much space (& weight).


    And finally, when it comes to flashlights & duct tape... you can never have too much of either!


    The underlying point though is simple... if you think you will have a need for something in future and maybe not be able to get it then... best to plan ahead.