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View Thread: When full disclosure regarding Aliens happens, what will you do?
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    turrican said:
    W3bbo said:

    Well, I ask this because I am certain that it'll happen very soon, between now and 1-3 years from now. And yes, I'm aware that it sounds very religious because I have no proof what so ever to back it up. It's just a gut feeling. So I was curious how people would react on such an event.


    From the looks of the replies here, we won't have much of a panic. hehhe... although, we are probably less xenophobic in the tech community than "others" since we are "hopefully" more science related people.

    A gut feeling that the aliens will arrive within a 3-year timeframe? That sounds slightly... Strange.


    It's like having an n-sided die (where n is unknown) and having a gut feeling that the number x with pop up after m tries.


    That sounds more like religion than statistics.


    Still, I too tremendously enjoyed Into the Universe.