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View Thread: Why does C# not support this?
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    Maddus Mattus

    Massif said:
    Maddus Mattus said:

    Or of course:


    ojbect thing = worker.DoWork();


    And, if you have a class A which inherits from B which inherits from C (and DoWork implementations returning As and Bs) what does:


    C wtf = worker.DoWork();


    Resolve as? It'd just be too confusing for us humble programmers.


    And I'm not letting you take away my god-given right to ignore return values! Big Smile

    I'm going to talk to god (Erik) about that!


    Object should become a forbidden word, you can only inherit from object.


    let's say we have A that inherits from B


    if we have two methods:


    A DoWork() and B DoWork()


    A a = worker.DoWork() would result in using A DoWork(), if you want to use the B one use B b = worker.DoWork(), you lazy git Wink


    I've programmed for 6+ years now and I've never run into these problems before. Until recently,... But anyway,.. I've just attached a bool to the end of the parameters B DoWork(bool thisisherebecauseprogramlanguagesarestupid);