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View Thread: The first musical instrument I've seen that runs Win7
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    dentaku said:
    BitFlipper said:

    That wasn't too technical at all, this IS Channel 9 Smiley

    You know, it's funny how everyone seems to understand all kinds of 3D graphics terminology because of the importance of games but audio is still considered some kind of "black art".


    I've settled on a buffer size of 256 samples and it's worked well for me on this system.


    All I know is that Wave-RT performs just as well for me as ASIO and if using it would mean that people with soundcards that don't have ASIO drivers can get better latencies it's about time software makers start using it more. I mean, why are we still relying on Steinberg's technology (again, not that there's anything wrong with it and it has some advantages over Wave-RT) when we could be using something that's already built into the OS if we choose to? OSX users just use Core Audio (I think).

    Ah, the good ol' Neko. I remember when Prince's keyboardist (I think it was Prince) played this during the Super Bowl. Quite the rig. I can't say I would ever use it though. I don't even look at using the other full-blown "DAW in a keyboard" rigs either because all my DAW work is done via my PC.