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Product naming

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    This is a question for the guys from Microsoft.

    I don't know if it was in a video here on Channel 9, a forum or blog post, but Microsoft made it clear some time ago that products released in the first half of a year would be named after that year, and products released in the second half of a year would carry the name of the next year.

    Well, that sounded reasonable. Smiley  But look at what happened now: Visual Studio Whidbey and SQL Server Yukon will only be released in the second half of this year, so according to your own rules they should really be called Visual Studio 2006 and SQL Server 2006 !!!  So, are you going to change the names, or was that whole explanation about your product naming scheme just a lie?!

    If you ask my opinion, you should definitely change the names to 2006, because of 2  main reasons:

    * You wouldn't brake your own rules and wouldn't lose credibility because of that!

    * Considering that these products will come out by the end of this year, it's logical that most people will start using them next year, so if you stick to 2005 then it will seem like a product that is a year or more old! (1st H 2005 or 2nd H 2004)

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    I guess the stickers are already at the printers. Smiley

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