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View Thread: Is the Internet a place or a network?
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    eddwo said:

    At least its not as bad as the people that ask "Did you remember to close down the internet?" when they mean closing IE.

    There really is no hope of ever explaining the difference between 'the web' and 'the internet' to most people, even those that otherwise seem reasonably clever have some fundamental misconceptions.


    Just a random example:

    "I have used Internet Explorer since the Internet first came out. I even remember the time when no-one had even heard of Internet Explorer (i.e. before the Internet was even available on PCs). The first version of IE that was released on standard PCs was IE 3.0 I believe (previous versions would only have been used in corporations); and I have used every version since then."

    people equate the www as the internet.... yet it is just one of the many many services available